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This is the principal resource, where languages are listed with their
evaluation according to EGDIS:

On Sun, Jul 13, 2014 at 5:58 PM, Ahmed Bakhat Masood <ahmedbakhat at pta.gov.pk
> wrote:

> Dear All,
> Reference trailing follow up mail of teleconference dated 01-07-2014.
> I am attaching Code point document w.r.t EGIDS scale, which has been
> prepared by Dr. Sarmad, Iftikhar and me for the discussion of the group as
> per detail below:
> 1.        EGIDS language scale 1-4                         highlighted as
> *"green"*
> 2.        EGIDS language scale 5 and above                 highlighted as
> *"Orange"*
> 3.        Optional code points in relevant language        highlighted as
> "Blue"
> 4.        Code pint need discussion of the group        *        not
> highlighted or white*
> Almost all the possible languages have been covered which has their
> relevant EGIDS scale at ethnologue website, however some of the languages
> like "ANT" were not found in the scale but I remember Meikal was explaining
> that it is group of some languages, so after discussion with him we can
> update document w.r.t EGIDS.
> Furthermore most of the code points are falling in 1-4 EGIDS scale due to
> relevant languages like Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hausa, Uyghur and Fulfulde
> however some of the languages are falling in 5, 6a and 6b scale
> (highlighted as *Orange*), for which we have to give valid reasons to be
> counted in the LGR or we have to find some other languages which are using
> same code point and has better EGIDS scale. So we can discuss all
> possibilities in the coming conference call.
> Best Regards,
> *Ahmed Bakht Masood*
> Deputy Director (ICT/Network),
> Pakistan Telecom Authority,
> Headquarters F-5/1, Islamabad, Pakistan
> Phone (O): 0092-51-9225361
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> Today's Topics:
>   1. Follow up on call on 1 Jul 14 (Sarmad Hussain)
> ----- Message from "Sarmad Hussain" <sarmad.hussain at kics.edu.pk> on Tue,
> 1 Jul 2014 22:58:03 +0500 -----
> *To:*
>  "'TF-AIDN'" <tf-aidn at meswg.org>
>  *Subject:*
>  [TF-AIDN] Follow up on call on 1 Jul 14
> Dear All,
> Here is relevant info and action items from our call today:
> 1.       Tarik and Meikal to look at code points 08F4 – 08FD and identify
> the following (where possible)
> a.       Languages in Africa using these code points (vowel signs)
> b.      Those used, whether they are optional or required by the language
> (e.g. Kasra vowel sign is optional (not required) in Arabic and Urdu
> languages)
> 2.       Ahmed, Iftikhar and Sarmad to document the no. on EGIDS scale for
> each code point for further discussion during next call
> 3.       Everybody: please read the explanation on EGIDS scale:
> a.       Read through section 5.10 (second half) on page 22 of the latest
> Overview and Rationale document by IP available at
> *https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/msr-overview-06jun14-en.pdf*
> <https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/msr-overview-06jun14-en.pdf>
> on where they suggest putting the cut off and why
> b.      Introduction to this scale by ethnologue at
> *http://www.ethnologue.com/about/language-status*
> <http://www.ethnologue.com/about/language-status>
> c.       The work on IP is based on the Procedure to develop LGR for the
> root zone.  The procedure is available at
> *https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/draft-lgr-procedure-20mar13-en.pdf*
> <https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/draft-lgr-procedure-20mar13-en.pdf>.
>  >From this procedure, if you read C.9 on pg. 43, the conservatism
> principle suggests that if TF-AIDN wants to suggest a change, IP must be
> convinced and they should agree;  other option is to proceed with the
> shorter set for LGR right now and aim to do more detailed homework and try
> to include extra code points in the next revisions.  This can be done and
> IP has indicated that there will be no bias next time in case this is done
> in two steps.  We decided to discuss options after the final analysis of
> code points in the next call
> 4.       Regarding the missing characters reported by Tarik for some
> languages in Africa, to add these in Unicode TF-AIDN or any other
> organization would need to develop a proposal for Unicode consortium, e.g.
> see *http://www.cle.org.pk/Publication/papers/2006/n3117.pdf*
> <http://www.cle.org.pk/Publication/papers/2006/n3117.pdf>.
> 5.       Everybody: please finally review the information in the attached
> document and let us know if there are any additions/changes.  Those who
> have names in front of the code points, either confirm the language or
> delete the entry for that code point, and remove your name (and send the
> revised version to the list.
> We will finalize the characters to be included in the LGR in the next call
> in two weeks.
> Regards,
> Sarmad
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