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Salam Dr Sarmad And all others

 Congrats for your new role. ... I wished I was woth you guys. .. Anyhow I had meeting with a teacher in beja language in east audan and will have another with one from Folani tribe working at Africa Unversity who is specialiat in african languages I think I can send proofs about the current using of letters in east Sudan like bija bedawia beni-Amir reshaida. .. And in west sudan like Folaani and even Housa. .. I wished I could do this before your meeting so these info will be available for ur meeting but some were not available during past days. 

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Subject: [TF-AIDN] My role in TF-AIDN 
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Dear All,


I am planning to join ICANN’s IDN team from next month.  Therefore, it will not be possible for me to continue in my role as a community member and chair for TF-AIDN (and the Arabic GP).  This will mean a new chair for this effort needs to come in.  Baher and Fahd would facilitate the process.    I will of course assist in the smooth transition to the new chair for TF-AIDN and can keep serving in an assistive/coordinative role till that time. 


It has been such a pleasure working with all of you as part of TF-AIDN and I look forward to working with all of you in my new role as well. 




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