[TF-AIDN] TF-AIDN F2F Meeting Day II

Hania Dimassi dimassi at un.org
Mon Jun 9 10:03:30 CEST 2014

Dear Fahd,

Thank you for the information and for all your efforts. In fact I am 
remotely participating in the WSIS+10 HLE conference taking place in 
Geneva this week. Unfortunately, I will not be able to join the TF-AIDN 
meeting as well.

Wishes for all the best,
Hania Sabbidin DIMASSI
Information and Communication Technology Division
ICT Applications Section

United Nations - ESCWA
Riad El Solh, P.O. Box 11-8575
Beirut, Lebnaon
T. +961-1-981301 ext. 1546
F. +961-1-981510
dimassi at un.org

From:   Fahd Batayneh <fahd.batayneh at icann.org>
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Date:   09/06/2014 08:44 AM
Subject:        [TF-AIDN] TF-AIDN F2F Meeting Day II
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Friends and Colleagues,
Day II of the TF-AIDN F2F meeting will start shortly. We are at the Ramada 
Plaza Istanbul Hall ClubAB on the B1 floor.
We have an Adobe Connect room at https://icann.adobeconnect.com/meswg/. 
Please login as Guest and write your full name because I will have to 
accept your access to the room.
For those joining in remotely for voice, please use the attached sheet for 
a list of toll-free numbers. Worst case scenario is that your country does 
not have a number, and so login to Skype and dial-in any of the toll-free 
numbers shown. The conference passcode 832 645 3695; the same dial-in 
details as for yesterday. The call bridge is open as we speak.
If you are presenting, please upload your presentation to DropBox, and 
send me a copy to show on Adobe Connect. Please ensure that your 
presentation is sent beforehand and in PDF format; if possible.
Our agenda for today is as follows:

Sunday June 8, 2014 (LGR Day I)
16.30 ? 18.30
Same character variants in Arabic script
Inam Ullah
Monday June 9, 2014 (LGR Day II)
8.30 ? 10.30
Similar shape characters in Arabic script
Sarmad Hussain
10.30 ? 10.50
Coffee Break
10.50 ? 12.50
Dot orientation and similarity
Meikal Mumin
12.10 ? 13.40
Lunch Break
13.40 ? 15.40
Other similarity (sound, interpretation, normalization, etc.)
Adel Marzouq
15.40 ? 16.00
Coffee Break
16.00 ? 18.00
Finalizing and collating the variant sets
Inam Ullah
As depicted, we were unable to cover the last session on day I, and so is 
expected to be covered today.
As always, feel free to email me anytime, or add me to your Skype account 
at fahd.batayneh.icann.
Thank you,
Fahd Batayneh
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