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Dear colleagues,

Please find the meeting minutes of the first day.



*Day I: 8 June 2014*

The day started by an overview on the three-day meeting on the LGR and the
topics that should be covered. It was highlighted that day one will mostly
focus on the second phase of the TF work. There is a need to focus and
define variances in Arabic script and decide on what should/not be
identified as variant.

Dr. Sarmad mentioned that he stepped out charming the TF since he joined
ICANN IDNs team and this will create conflict of interest. This means the
TF needs to identify another one to take the lead.

David Olive, Vice President, Policy Development swung by and addressed the
team acknowledging the work done so far by the TF.

The first presentation was by Dr. Sarmad on Arabic variance typology
defining variance, explaining what create a variance and looking into
possible types of variances.

This was followed by AbdulRahman Al-Ghadir presentation on proposed
solutions for domain names in different Arabic script based languages. This
included defining problems and possible solutions.

Then Ahmed Bakht delivered a presentation highlighting the work that was
done so far by the TF this included discussion on the LGR code points to
decide what to be included and excluded.

It was explained that the LGR is a conservative subset of the MSR. The
former is mainly for the TLDs and the gTLDs, while the latter is for the
domain names in general. Hence embracing new principles is justified as we
can’t follow the same principles that we have previously used with the MSR.

There was a general consensus to further discuss some characters
particularly the diacritics since they are compulsory in some languages,
for example in Urdu.

This discourse undermined the need to focus on the utility of the core
points taking into consideration the security and stability issues when
deciding on inclusion of core points.

In this regard, it was proposed to strict the number of combining marks,
like repeated combining marks in some languages. Since we are talking
about TLDs and gTLDs and not the domain names, we need to be strict and
consider carefully including characters in the global context.

>From ICANN perspective, the priority is to the security, stability and
resilience of the domains.

Therefore, it was agreed to focus first on the characters and then move to
the combining remarks and variances, so combining marks won’t be included
unless a quite strong argument is provided. This also meant there is
general exception for combining marks and diacritics.

It was noted that the principle of excluding code points just because they
are used by minorities and due to the lack of evidence that they are still
used and written will result in future problems to all scripts used by

The last presentation was by Dr. Sarmad on variant principles. All
principles were discussed and there was a common agreement among attendees
on these principles. (Please see the presentation in drop box for more
details on the principles).
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