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Please find below a response from the TF-AIDN members attending the F2F
meeting in Istanbul. Their discussions with members of the IP attending
tomorrow's meeting remotely will revolve around these comments, and others
of course.


Please note that this message was forwarded to you by me since the sender;
on behalf of the group in Istanbul, was unable to deliver the email to you.


Thank you,




From: Ahmed Bakhat Masood [mailto:ahmedbakhat at pta.gov.pk] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2014 12:37 AM
To: Asmus Freytag
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Subject: Re: [Arabic-GP] [lgr] Follow up on "Response to comment on MSR-1 by
TF-AIDN" by IP - Harari U+06AC


Dear Mr. Asmus, 

Response of Integration Panel has been discussed at length during the 1st
two days of Face-to-Face meeting of TF-AIDN at Istanbul. Whole group is of
the view that all the character sets of technically viable languages should
be covered regardless of the size of the community. There are several
arguments in favor of including all possible characters used by small
language communities, some of them are noted below: 

1.        These are normal characters; neither numerical values nor shapes
and already marked as "Yellow" in the MSR. 
2.        They pose no security and stability threat 
3.        Mentioning insignificant diaspora of Harari sounds a kind of
discrimination with smaller speech communities 
4.        There is no additional cost involves in adding these characters 
5.        May become business model for ICANN in case many smaller
communities decide to take domain names in their respective languages 
6.        There is a unanimous support from the members of TF-AIDN to cover
all the possible languages regardless of their size 

In addition to above, group desires guidelines from Integration Panel
regarding consideration of Variants, as there are examples of characters
from same languages can be considered as variants of the characters due to
fear of phishing, so what type of attacks on "domain names" are anticipated
by Integration panel for IDNs.   

Best Regards,

Ahmed Bakht Masood 

From:        Asmus Freytag <asmusf at ix.netcom.com> 
To:        LGR at icann.org, 
Date:        06/07/2014 06:29 PM 
Subject:        [Arabic-GP] [lgr] Follow up on "Response to comment on MSR-1
by TF-AIDN" by IP - Harari U+06AC 
Sent by:        arabicgp-bounces at icann.org 



While the public comment period on the MSR-1 has ended, the Integration
Panel nevertheless decided to issue a reply to this Follow Up comment posted
there. This closes the loop. 

Looking forward, the Integration Panel would welcome if the Generation
Panels were to use this mailing list to discuss technical and other issues
surrounding the creation of their LGRs.


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