[TF-AIDN] TF-AIDN F2F Meeting Day III - Meeting Minutes

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Dear colleagues,

Please find the meeting minutes of the third day.



 *Day III: 10 June 2014*

*Opening items and deadlines *

 To finalize and release core points for the LGR (only the points that were
so far discussed) by *Sunday 21 June 2014* – led by Ahmed Bakht

(NB we will put a note beside those points that are still under discussion
highlighting that further research and work are still required to decide on
these points)

To develop a presentation for ICANN London meeting by *Thursday 19 June
2014* – led Adel and Hazem.

To organize follow-up calls to discuss and finalize core points. It was
proposed to have biweekly calls starting from *first week in July*.

To finalize discussion on core points for the LGR by *28 August 2014* – led
by Ahmed Bakht

To manage and finalize variances *from mid-August till end of September* –
led by Inam Ullah in cooperation with Alireza and Meikal

*TF Chair position *

The point of chairing the TF was raised and some possible solutions were

   - To appoint another Chair to replace Dr. Sarmad
   - To move to another form of leadership where these is only a
   coordinator liaising the work between group members and leave the Chair
   position vacant

·    Another proposal from Meikal to solve the conflict of interest problem
was to have Dr. Sarmad as a coordinator and leave the Chair position

*XML structure *

The first presentation was by Alireza Saleh defining code point inclusion
and variant rules in the xml structure.

It was agreed that we need to produce a concise manual on to generate XML
and share it the IP – to be led by Alireza Saleh and AbdulRahman Al-Ghadir.

This manual is supposed to list basic XML format of the core points that
was already discussed and approved. Then we could keep on adding further
code points as we go.

Question to be asked to the IP: What is the testing tool for XML parsing?
We also need to request having access to this XML files.

*London presentation *

TF presentation for ICANN London meeting should mainly cover:

   - *1-2 slides*: what we have done from Singapore to Istanbul
   - *1 slide*: core points
   - *1-2 slides*: variances
   - *1 slide*: XML
   - *1 slide*: future work timelines

*Meeting with Integration Panel*

The Generation Panel requested the IP to reconsider the code points used by
minority language communities. In response to that the IP confirmed that
their decision has nothing to do with the number of people speaking the
language but rather with the writing systems that incude stability,
security, insufficient standardization and lack of well-established writing
system in the first place.

On a relevant note, the IP underscored they might reconsider the MSR in the
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