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*Day IV: 11 June 2014*

The day started by a presentation by Dr. Sarmad on the universal
acceptance: definition and categorization.

This was followed by AbdulRahman Al-Ghadir presentation on user experience
on the AIDN with a focus on how the Arabic user will adopt the AIDNs and
the complications of using them.

It was highlighted that RFCs are not enough as there is a need for
accelerators. In this regard we need:

   - To push the RFC to make the title more appealing to help the market
   adopts it
   - To expand the experience to other non-Arabic script communities

It was also agreed to first define the problems, the possible solutions and
the stakeholders who could help solving this problems.

Problems could be classified and listed as following:

*Technical problems*

   - Displaying functionality of the domain names
   - Browsers
   - Address bar
   - Copy & past
   - SSL icon
   - Email recipient
   - MS Office
   - Applications

*General problems*

·    Lack of awareness among Arabic script communities (end users)

In this regard, the TF requested ICANN to hook the team up with Google,
Firefox, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft and business at large. In response, Fahd
proposed organizing a community call conference with the business to
discuss the universal acceptability and to push private companies to
support other protocols than ASCII in their products.

*Updates from universal acceptance session in Singapore ICANN meeting*

 Google is doing some testing on the IDNs in email.

MS is also doing internal testing but nothing was in production.

There were requests from the community regarding emails.

Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo represent more than 90% so the uptake will be
improved, if they sorted out the emails problems.

The issue of IDN email support is doable as some entities have actually
deployed some solutions but the email problem is mostly regarding
cross-email exchanging which requires all service providers to adopted more
unified solutions.
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