[TF-AIDN] Summary of the Session on "Languages on the Move: Deploying Multilingualism in the Net"

Fahd Batayneh fahd.batayneh at icann.org
Thu Sep 4 11:23:34 CEST 2014

Friends and Colleagues,


I was privileged to be a panelist on a workshop at the Global lGF in
Istanbul entitled "Languages on the Move: Deploying Multilingualism in the
QSUN> ". Among those who were on the panel from the TF-AIDN was Emily Taylor
in her capacity as author of the IDN World Report 2014. Audience included
Tarik Merghani; our colleague from Sudan who is doing great work on African


The session covered issues related to IDNs; mainly local content, issues
related to variants, Universal Acceptance, and IDN uptake.


Emily went through the latest edition of the IDN World Report, and showed
some really interesting facts on IDNs and local content. The report can be
found at


I spoke; on behalf of the TF-AIDN, about the TF-AIDN and the work it is
undertaking. I also spoke about its need to penetrate more expertise from
the African communities using the Arabic Script. Tarik also chimed in and
spoke of the TF-AIDN's work on the Arabic GP, and the work currently
undertaken on Arabic Script Variants.


On the topic of IDN uptake and Universal Acceptance, while Sarah Falvey from
Google was very optimistic about IDN uptake, Mark McFadden was not. Mohammed
Elbashir provided his insights on this from his experience as the ccTLD
Manager and IDN ccTLD Manager for both country TLDs of Qatar. Mohammed's 2
cents was that while IDN uptake is quite slow, it will gain momentum with
time. Issues such as cross-platform IDN email support, pending web browser
issues, and other UA topics were also discussed.


Overall, the 2 hour session was very interactive, and we did have a couple
of remote participation questions.


Happy to address any questions you may have.


Thank you,



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