[TF-AIDN] TF-AIDN call summery Nov 9th

Sarmad Hussain sarmad.hussain at icann.org
Tue Nov 10 19:20:28 CET 2015

Thanks Alireza.


Dear All,


Could you look at the categories of exclusion from our root zone LGR
proposal (listed in the email below) and let us know if these sufficiently
cover the various types?  If not, please suggest what more could be added?
Could any of these categories by sub-divided for the purpose of our second
level analysis?


Once we have these categories finalized, we aim to discuss which ones should
remain excluded for second level and which ones should be included for the
second level analysis; and then we can perhaps follow up with code point
level discussion within each of the categories to determine the code point
repertoire for the second level.  





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Following the TF-AIDN call on Nov. 9  we agreed to create 2 sub-working
groups within TF-AIDN:

1.	A working group to compile the list of the principles that have been
considered for exclusion of code-points from Root Zone LGR and compile a new
list of principles for character exclusion to be used for 2nd level LGR.

*	Volunteers: Tarik, Alireza, more?

2.	A working group to compile a list of issues of using Arabic-Script
domain names to be used for Universal Acceptance discussion within the

*	No volunteer yet.

We also had a discussion about the need of cross-label recommendations
and/or rules for second level LGR and we decided to take more discussions to
the list.


During that call Sarmad listed the following principles that TF-AIDN
considered for code point exclusion code  from Root Zone LGR.


1.	Code point is from Quranic Arabic
2.	Digit

1.	Arabic-Script digits

1.	Arabic indic digits
2.	Extended arabic indic digits

2.	ASCII digits

3.	Hyphen
4.	Code points which are deprecated by the Unicode standard
5.	combining marks

1.	Quranic combining marks
2.	Vowel marks

1.	Required marks
2.	Optional marks

3.	Other marks

6.	Historic use only
7.	Insufficient evidence
8.	Used in languages with EGIDS scale of greater than 4





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