[TF-AIDN] Summery of the call on Oct 12

Alireza Saleh alireza.saleh at icann.org
Wed Oct 14 11:36:11 CEST 2015


Thank you everybody for joining the call. We had a good discussion about how
we should move forward with the work for second level LGR and the following
has been suggested to continue the work:

1. LGR for the root zone automatically will be included to the repertoire
for second level LGR using ArabicScript.
2. Walk through the list of excluded characters within the Root Zone LGR and
categorize the reasons for exclusion.
3. Evaluate the list of reasons of exclusion and see if some of the reasons
can be changed or removed for second level LGRs, make the changes and
re-apply them to the excluded characters. This may include more characters
to the second level LGR.
4. With the new set of principles , looking through the characters that are
excluded by MSR but they are allowed according to IDNA2008 and create the
final repertoire and variant rules for Second Level LGR for Arabic Script.

We also had a few minutes discussion about UA steps for ArabicScript
domains. One of the big steps towards the acceptance of ArabicScript domains
will be preparing and publishing LGR for Second level domains.
Another suggestion in this regard was to prepare a list of issues regarding
universal acceptance of ArabicScript IDN domains.  There is a reading about
the differences between IDNA2008 and 2003 and the challenges for
transitioning from IDNA2003 to IDNA2008 (http://unicode.org/faq/idn.html).
There is also a study  by SaudiNic about usability and acceptance of domains
which is also useful to go though that to see the list of issues that they
have identified. 

I have also uploaded the recording to the dropbox for your reference.


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