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Ahlan Sami,


Yes, back in 2009, Egypt hosted an Arab Summer School on IG. Now that we have the Middle East Strategy, the Arab IGF, and I* Organizations all willing to work together, we anticipate the MEAC-SIG to be an annual event In Sha’ Allah.


Thank you,




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Hello Everyone  and Thank you Fahd for all these details,

I strongly support the idea of cooperation with RIPE NCC, and ISOC Chapters. To push the start of the TF-CBA.

The idea of the Middle East School on IG is a good idea too ,

But if I remember right, in 2009 there was a project for the creation of the Arabian IG Training School and a dedicated Summer School  

Unfortunately the project has been halted.

Finally, I would like to welcome Mrs: Hania Dimassi :)

Best Regards

Sami Saadaoui

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Friends and Colleagues,

Did you think we forgot all about the TF-CBA? Well, the MESWG have been
working hard to design and develop the next steps for the TF-CBA. 2 weeks
ago, the MESWG met in Dubai for a 1.5 day reconvene (right after the ME DNS
Forum), and there was an agenda item dedicated to the TF-CBA. The minutes of
the TF-CBA discussions were summarized as follows:

.         The TF-CBA has a steering committee that consists of 4 members (in
first name alphabetical order); Ali Almeshal, Charles Shaban, Christine
Arida, and Fouad Bajwa.

.         Fouad explained the structure if the TF-CBA Steering Committee

.         The TF-CBA is envisioned to have content developers and trainers.

.         Fouad summarized the items that were requested in the call for
volunteers circulated on Dec 1, 2013.

.         Fouad summarized the membership of the TF-CBA. The group consists
of 21 members from 11 countries.

.         There was a suggestion to partner with other related organizations
such as ISOC, RIPE NCC, ISOC Chapters. to push the start of the TF-CBA work.

.         There were extensive discussions on an extensive Internet
Governance Capacity Building Program similar to the European Summer School
on IG (some called it Middle East School on IG [MESIG]). Christine suggested
using current developed content as a framework and then tailor it to the
needs of the region. Mohamed suggested developing a document that nails down
the A-Z of the logistics of such a program.

.         Qatar has an annual event called QITCOM <http://www.qitcom.qa/> .
Mohamed El Bashir will try to have the MESIG around QITCOM. Mohamed El
Bashir to get back to the group with an update on this.

.         There were heavy discussions on the Train-the-Trainer (TTT) model.

o   Nabil stated that such an initiative requires lots of resources and

o   Ali suggested partnering with a Training Institute to kick-start the
initiative. Sarmad seconded Ali's suggestion on the basis that picking
individuals randomly is a high risk.

o   Fouad suggested academic institutes as a way forward for the TTT model.

o   Sarmad suggested to make a new call for TTT as an "Institutional Call",
and MESWG can formulate a sub-committee to evaluate interests received. NSRC
was suggested as an entity who can help in such an initiative.

o   On whom to harness the TTT, suggestions were either to establish a new
body dedicated for the ME-TTT, or to use an existing body such as MENOG. It
was also suggested to keep the TTT as part of the TF-CBA.

o   Manal raised three questions that require answers; 1) How to build such
programs, 2) How to maintain consistency; and 3) How to call upon trainers
when needed to deliver a training.

At the moment, we are working to secure a venue for the upcoming Middle East
and Adjoining Countries School on IG (MEAC-SIG). The TF-CBA-SC are working
on drafting a document nailing down the requirements for such a capacity
building initiative to take place.

In the coming days/weeks, you all will be working on developing content for
the MEAC-SIG, so be prepared.

As a final note, a new member has joined the TF-CBA-SC; Mrs. Hania Dimassi
from the UN-ESCWA. Hania brings with her extensive experience working on
Capacity Building Initiatives for the UN-ESCWA tailored to our region.

More soon In Sha' Allah.

Thank you,

Fahd Batayneh


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