[TF-AIDN] Arab IGF III Workshop

Hazem Hezzah hazem.hezzah at las.int
Wed Sep 3 15:07:04 CEST 2014

BTW Tarik,

Noha is attending the IGF, so may be you can meet her in person to make things up.

Hazem Hezzah

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Tarik Merghani <tarik at isoc.sd> wrote:

Salam Nuha,

     I am Tarik ,  You Know that I am in The AMAG of the Arab IGF and I am in the workshops committee ... so we received the your proposal ( Sorry I was not aware of it from the TF-AIDN ... maybe because I was not there in Istanbul with you )  ... Anyhow , I was in my way to propose a workshop about (( problems facing using the Arabic script in African languages on Internet )) .... then FAHD remind me about your proposal ( he is with me now at Istanbul ) ... So instead of propose a new workshop can it be part of your workshop ... I mean I will talk about problems facing using Arabic script for African Languages on the Internet ...

  Waiting for your reply
     Tarik Merghani

    On 8/20/2014 3:03 PM, Noha Fathy wrote:
Hello everyone,

Since today is the deadline for submission proposals to the Arab IGF and we didn't received any comments on the workshop proposal, we have submitted it to the secretariat.

Please find attached the version that was submitted.


On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 8:33 PM, Noha Fathy <nofathy at gmail.com<mailto:nofathy at gmail.com>> wrote:
Dear colleagues,

Hope all is good.

Please find attached draft workshop proposal for the Arab IGF. I believe this is one of the items to be discussed during our call tomorrow.

Thanks to Hazem, Sarmad and Fahd for their feedback and help in drafting the proposal.


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